Paradive plongées - paradisiaques aux Galápagos

Why use Paradive ???

Paradive started after I help went diving in the paradise of Galápagos, it was simply amazing and so I decided to share the beauty with other passionate divers and help them discover those magical places. Not convinced ? Check the video or some pictures... simply amazing !

Diving with a whale shark

The goal of Paradive is to charter a boat for 16 lucky divers that will live their passion in the Galápagos and dive around Darwin & Wolf.


Get in touch with me and give me your availabilities. I'll find the other people to fill-up the boat.

The program?

Between 17 and 20 dives during 1 week from a top-class diving boat, at the far end of the Galápagos, in the best spots of the world: Darwin & Wolf!

Why to book so much in advance? Because the demand is huge, and the supply is small! More info here.

Quick facts

The boat : modern and comfortable 9 cabins yacht designed for divers. More details.
Guest : maximum 16 sharing 2 certified dive guides.
Dives : between 17 and 20 drift dives around 20m. Maximum 4 per day. More details.
Nitrox : available and recommended. Check the price.
Departure from Quito : to be defined.
Return to Quito : to be defined
Price : it's here.

Why use Paradive, the on-board expert of paradise?

Live your passion for diving and discover the underwater paradise with Paradive!!!


Latest news

4/8/2015 : several people interested for a tour in 2'016, but missing another couple to be able to book. Ask me for more details !

9/11/2011: The website is now available in english.

9/6/2011: The Facebook page is launched. Click on "like" to promote us!

9/5/2011: The invoice can now be established in Swiss francs or in US$. Check the price.

More news...


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