Paradive plongées - paradisiaques aux Galápagos


Dear Friend, dear Diver,

I’m truly excited to present you paradive

The goal of the project is to charter a boat (for 16 lucky divers) and dive for one week in the north of Galápagos in the best underwater place in the world. Not convinced? Check out some pictures and video from my trip up there!

The site (note the Google translate tool in the footer to choose your preferred language) provides quiet a lot of information, but feel free to email me should you have any question.

Also, I’ve pre-booked several slots, and need to define as soon as possible the most appropriate date. A poll is open, and your opinion is more than welcomed. Of course, it’s not binding!

I sincerely hope that you’ll have the chance to explore with me those truly amazing places!

Fabien Fetter
Founder of Paradive – Dive into the paradise of Galápagos!


Archive of the newsletters

4/8/2015 : several people interested for a tour in 2'016, but missing another couple to be able to book. Ask me for more details !

26.1.12 : Happy new year and happy bubbles

29.8.11 : Some dates came out of the poll

27.6.11 : Launch of the web site


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