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Dear Friend, dear Diver,

The summer break is coming to an end and I hope you enjoyed it!

The launch of has generated a lot of positive feedback. Thanks all for your messages and questions!

The organization of the trip is progressing well, and 3 periods came out of the poll (By the way, some people filled the poll without providing their email... if you're one of those, please email me.):

Nevertheless, we don't have yet the minimum number of person required to book the boat.

I know that it seems very early to book a trip in 18 months, but the demand for those cruises is huge and the owner of the boat won't keep the pre-booking for much longer.

Hence if you want to dive in Paradive, get in touch with me rapidly!


Fabien Fetter
Founder of Paradive – Dive into the paradise of Galápagos!


Archive of the newsletters

4/8/2015 : several people interested for a tour in 2'016, but missing another couple to be able to book. Ask me for more details !

26.1.12 : Happy new year and happy bubbles

29.8.11 : Some dates came out of the poll

27.6.11 : Launch of the web site


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