Paradive plongées - paradisiaques aux Galápagos

The program

Day by day itinerary

This program is preliminary and will be confirmed once the date will be set. It is also possible to extend your stay in the area and visit other island in the Galápagos, Ecuador, Peru or other places.

Saturday - Day 1: departure from home

Flight to Quito.

Transfer to the hotel.

Dinner altogether in a local restaurant to meet and discuss about the various options for the next day.

Sunday - Day 2: free day in Quito

Several activities can be organized: relax and recover from the journey and jet-lag, excursion to the Mitad del Mundo (the exact place of the 0° longitude), visit of the old town, view Quito from the TelefériQo or visit of the traditional market in Otavalo.Sunset in paradise

Monday - Day 3: flight to Galápagos and beginning of the cruise

Transfer to the airport and flight to the island, for example with the flight :

Once on-board, we will leave the pier and go for a check dive in Isla Lobos to make sure all the equipment is fine.

Tuesday - Day 4: dives in Santa Cruz and tour of the island

2 dives in Punta Carrion, followed by a visit to the sanctuary of giant tortoises of El Chato help. Then we will start our 20h cruise to the north.

Wednesday & Thursday - Day 5 & 6: dives in Darwin

3-4 daily dives around the island and arch of Darwin.

Friday & Saturday - Day 7 & 8: dives in Wolf

3-4 daily dives around the island of Wolf.

Sunday - Day 9: back to the main islands and dive at Rocas cousins

Night journey towards Santa Cruz, followed by dives around the rock. Visit of the Darwin Visitor Center that take care and help the reproduction of giant tortoises help.

Monday - Day 10: end of the cruise and departure from Ecuador

Arrival at the pier and visit of the local Interpretation center help, followed by the transfer to the airport and flight back to Quito, for example with

Tuesday - Day 11: arrival home

Depending where you leave, you should arrive the next day at your place.

The dates

Several dates are being considered right now and we will find dates that fie the best your agenda. Generally, the boats are booked 1 year ahead of time. The high-season is from June to December, when the under-water population is the most abundant.

Please get in touch to tell me the date that would suit you and check the latest status.


The divesDiving with sharks and fishes

All dives will start from the zodiacs in order to get closer to the best spots, that are not suitable for the boat. We usually travel less than 5'.

An experienced and certified guide will lead every group of 8 divers.

The main reason of the presence of so many animals around here is the current, as it help to relax and clean. It can be quiet strong depending on the period. The water temperature is variable, but might be slightly cold, around 71°F and 86°F. Hence some experience is required to join that trip, and it is critical to be at ease under-water in those conditions, and also to be able to roll-back from the zodiac. I suggest at least 30 dives and an Advanced level.

Most of the dives are drift dives around 20m.

One of the sundeck

The boat

The boat is a modern top-notch yacht, builds in 2002 and designed specifically for diving cruises. There is a large deck at the back and a Nitrox compressor.

There is also a large dining room help, a spacious living room equipped with multimedia devices (TV, DVD, hi-fi with iPod input), and 3 decks with plenty of sun chairs.


To rest after the dives

The cabins

The 9 cabins help are located on 3 decks:

All cabins are spacious and have air conditioning, a private bathroom and power supply in 110V and 220V. The upper and middle deck cabins are a bit more comfortable: they have a window, the air conditioning is tunable and they are located a bit further away from the engines.


Diving deck

The crew

2 dive guides speaking spanish and basic english, and 6 crew members that speak spanish. The Paradive guide translate in english when necessary.

The equipment

2 zodiacs of 20ft are used to go to diving spots.

The crew is trained and certified by the Ecuadorian authorities.

The boat is equipped with emergency, communication, fire defense and safety devices.


Not sure to want to come ?

Watch the video and some pictures from 2011


Latest news

4/8/2015 : several people interested for a tour in 2'016, but missing another couple to be able to book. Ask me for more details !

9/11/2011: The website is now available in english.

9/6/2011: The Facebook page is launched. Click on "like" to promote us!

9/5/2011: The invoice can now be established in Swiss francs or in US$. Check the price.

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